Erik Olsen

Portrait Photography

Why Choose Me?

With over 15 years experience, my expertise will give the very best in portrait photography. I work all over North Carolina and South Carolina. Available for travel work as well.

My style...dark and moody

Dark and moody photography has gained significant popularity due to its distinct style characterized by a low key, high contrast aesthetic. This particular type of photography exudes a deep and mysterious vibe, allowing for the capture of a wide range of emotions—from fear to joy. It serves as an effective tool to create specific atmospheres and evoke desired moods within a photograph.

To achieve the desired dark and moody effect, photographers typically rely on low key lighting techniques coupled with heightened contrast. This can be accomplished using various methods such as utilizing spotlights or employing a combination of natural and artificial light sources like windows and lamps. By skillfully blending these light sources, photographers can achieve diverse moods within their photographs. Additionally, employing high contrast filters can further enhance the intended visual impact. 

Personally, I’ve also found great success in using some exceptional Lightroom presets along with this technique to achieve my desired effect. One photographer who truly excels in capturing dark and moody aesthetics is Michael Jones—a highly regarded Boudoir Photographer based in Phoenix.

In dark and moody photography, the use of color holds significance as well. While black and white photography is often employed to create intense and moody images, color can also be utilized effectively to infuse a specific atmosphere and emotion into photographs.

I’ve recently started exploring boudoir photography and working on expanding my portfolio to offer it as a service. It’s been a gradual process, but I’m excited to showcase my work in this area.